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Why practice Jiu Jitsu?


1) Learn Self Defense

There is nothing that will better prepare you to survive a street fight than training jiu jitsu on a regular basis.


2) Improve Confidence

Knowing how to fight, whether you use it or not, helps you be calm and confident in almost any situation.

3) Get in Shape

Jiu Jitsu training is physically demanding and will get you in great shape while you are having fun.


4) Evolve Yourself

Jiu Jitsu training is about getting a little better every day and getting a lot better over months and years.  Training presents many challenges which bring out the best in its practitioners.  By learning from your mistakes you become a better version of yourself.


5) Make Quality Friends.

Jiu Jitsu brings together like minded individuals from different walks of life.  Things that most Jiu Jitsu practitioners have in common include:  Being health concious, they think it’s important to know how to defend yourself, they like to exercise and enjoy learning new things.

6) Relieve stress (have fun)

With all the exercising and learning and socializing who has time to be stressed at jiu jitsu practice?  Jiu Jitsu practitioners have fun when they are training and they always leave in a good mood.

7) Live longer

Training jiu jitsu keeps you healthy in multiple ways.

  • Keeps you safe against attack for a healthy body

  • Increases your confidence and self esteem for a healthy happy attitude

  • Provides rigorous exercise for a healthy heart and lungs and strong muscles

  • Improves coordination for a healthy nervous system

  • Stimulates your mind for a healthy brain

  • Stress relief for a healthy immune system

  • Social interaction for a healthy soul

Why should I train at North Bay Jiu Jitsu?

1)​ Quality of instruction 

All classes art taught by qualified instructors with a minimum of 10 years experience training Jiu Jitsu

and at least 5 years experience as an instructor.  The main instructor, Tryfon, is a second degree black        belt with 20 years experience and a strong competitive career.


2) Organized curriculum and lesson plan

Designed to helps students learn better and faster.

3) We have beginner classes

Catered towards new students to give them a proper introduction to jiu jitsu.

4) We have advanced classes

For blue belts and above where we work on tried and true techniques for winning tournaments as well as new cutting edge techniques to surprise the competition with.

5) We provide NoGi classes

5 days a week for those who don’t like the jacket.

6) Judo and Kickboxing available

Multiple times a week for those who like to cross train in other sports

7) We have a nice facility 

Including a 1500 square foot mat plus 2 smaller mats, 4 bathrooms, a weight room, a homework room for the kids.  We have plenty of parking and are easy to access off the freeway.

8) We provide a safe and friendly environment

The tradition at our school is to treat everyone with respect, whether you are a black belt or a brand new white belt, we welcome you and appreciate everyone equally.

9) We build people up from zero 

It does not matter if you are strong or weak, a fast learner or a slow learner.  All you need to do is show up to class with a desire to learn and we will take care of the rest.  It does not matter to us where you start, it only matters where you are going!

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