Pre-Jitsu (ages 4&5)

This program teaches children jiu jitsu through a series of games, making it fun and engaging for younger students.  We also teach important life lessons via story telling. In this class we focus on:

- Self control

- Respect

- Balance and coordination

- How to fall and tumble safely

- Basic jiu jitsu positions

Kids 1 (ages 6&7)

Students begin practicing Jiu Jitsu techniques on each other, and are introduced to positional sparring.  Students will learn to use voice and body language to assert themselves.  This class stresses:

- Staying on task

- Being humble 

- Strength and flexibility

- Basic jiu jitsu techniques

Kids 2 (ages 8&9)

In this course students begin to understand discipline and effort.  Life principles such as honor and respect are re-enforced through mat chats.  Multi-step techniques are introduced and athleticism is developed.  This class will cover:

- Healthy habits

- Good sportsmanship

-Development of stamina and agility

Kids 3 (ages 10-12)

Kid 3 is about taking on challenges and learning from your mistakes.  Students will learn non-violent conflict resolution as well as how to defend against a physical attack.  Practices are longer with a greater emphasis on sparring and developing athleticism and fighting spirit. Students will practice:

- Consistency

- Hard work

-Cardiovascular conditioning

-Multiple jiu jitsu techniques per day

Teens (ages 13-15)

The fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu are reenforced though high repetition. Honor and respect are learned first hand through rigorous training and multiple rounds of sparring. Discipline is learned through working hard and reaping the benefits.  This class emphasises:



-Goal setting

-Peak physical performance

-High level of technique

Adult Basics (age 16+)

This class is for people with no previous experience.  Students will learn street tested self-defense techniques and strategies.  Through repetition and positional sparring, students will build a solid base of technical knowledge and reflexes.  The goal of this course is to make new students "street proof" and to introduce them to the sport of Jiu Jitsu.  Benefits of this class include:

-Increased strength and endurance

-Ability to effectively defend yourself

-Become proficient in sport jiu jitsu

-Increased confidence

-Decrease in body fat

-Have fun while improving daily

-Make friends with like minded people

Adult Advanced

This class if for people with a minimum of 6 months or more of experience.  The emphasis of this class is "Sport" Jiu Jitsu.  Cutting edge techniques, strategies and drills will be employed with the purpose of bringing students to a high level of technique and effectiveness.  These are some of the subjects we will cover:

-Timing and precision

-Power endurance

-Creative problem solving

Adult Advanced No Gi 

The Gi (uniform) in jiu jitsu is a useful tool to use against your opponent, but it should not be relied upon.  Training without the Gi is a great way to develop more speed and agility while learning to use the bodies natural control points.

-Speed and agility

-Using anatomical grips

-Leg locks


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