Ages 5-7

Ages 3-5

Fun and upbeat from start to finish, this class is physically and mentally engaging.  Children will begin to understand the basic principles of self defense as they enjoy various games and activities designed to get there hearts pumping while building strength and coordination.  Self control, and focus are rewarded though positive reinforcement, setting the building blocks for future success in martial arts and in life. 

Tue/Thu 3:00pm-3:40pm 

Ages 5-7

Basic jiu jitsu techniques will be introduced at this age.  Young students will learn first hand what discipline means and why it is a key to success.  How to win and lose gracefully and how to learn and improve from your mistakes.  These principles as well as technique and athleticism will be the starting point for future champions.

Tue/Thu 3:45pm-4:35pm
Sat 11:00am-11:50am
Mon/Wed/Fri 3:45pm-4:45pm 

In this class the basics of self defense are covered and students may also begin to prepare for competition once they learn the basics.  Finishing holds are taught along with positional control and many other important aspects of ground fighting.  Sportsmanship and focus are stressed with this age group as things start getting competitive at this age.


Ages 7-9


Ages 9-14

Jiu Jitsu offers many challenges and rewards to young men and women.  Through jiu jitsu, students will learn to train the mind and the body for self defense and competition.  Real life experience on the mat teaches kids to believe in themselves and focus when faced with a difficult challenge, yet stay humble and respectful when they succeed.  These students will be the teachers and the champions of the near future.

Mon/Wed/Fri 4:50pm-6:10pm 
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North Bay Jiu Jitsu welcomes adults of all ages, and all levels of experience.  Whether you are a total beginner looking to learn self defense, or a seasoned competitor looking for tough training partners, we have you covered.  Just show up to class, we will take care of the rest!